[The K&H Consulting entity came about a few years back when I was doing some contract work to build an ISP network. The entity has been mostly dormant since I finished that work, and I've spent the last several years as a full time employee doing mobile development. So now this page and site just serve as a place for me to dump random content.]

K & H Consulting


K&H Consulting specializes in providing software solutions that fit.

Recent projects [well. not so recent]:

Toolbag: We do software development in C/C++, Java and a fist full of scripting languages.

Why 'differentchairs.com'?

This refers to pattern #251 from A Pattern Language (by Christopher Alexander, et.al). The book is ostensibly about architectural design, but its lessons have been gainfully applied across other domains, including that of software design. The "Different Chairs" pattern essentially states that one size does not fit all. Acknowledging this leads toward designs that fit better.

Links of (mostly historical) Interest

Accessing wireless bridges via snmp
Perl module to assist with daily backup
A small multi-language programming exercise
A Windows file utility
Track CallerID
NT scripting
A javascript exercise: Checkers
Links to even older content

Family Corner - photo album

Webcam overlooking Methow Valley

McClure Mt, Twisp
South view
Airport view
Smokejump Airport
West view
Winthrop to Mazama
Mazama view

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